How to plan a perfect stay in Beijing

If you are planning your trip to Beijing and have no idea where to stay, I really recommend you to pay your attention to Wuzhouou Hotel. Once I booked a excellent room there with a marvellous city view and was very satisfied both with the service and the prices for accommodation. So, have a good time in Beijing and make yourself pleased booking a room in this charming hotel.

There are many hotels, last time I visited CNCC Grand Hotel in Beijing. When travelling in Beigjing - Peking cheap hotels are easy to locate using city maps. Many discount hotels Beijing - Peking are available for your needs and are located near all the major attractions and shopping centers. However, keep in mind that if you are only spending a weekend, Beijing - Peking offers much more than what you can fit into a weekend.
If you are visiting Beijing – Peking, you could visit the usual attractions of the Great Wall or Tiananmen Square. However, there are other sites that are as spectacular as those two are. The ShiHuaDong Cave has many views of the Peking Man and the Stone Scripture Museum. The
Beijing Parkview Wuzhouou Hotel is well worth the visit. Take in the sights of the ShiDu and all it has to offer.